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Waupun Volksfest

Volksfest is has been a 26 year tradition in the town of Waupun. With the announcement of Steve and Nancy Joas stepping down from the committee, the Volksfest committee decided it did not want to tackle such a large event without them and it looked like the event was going to end. The Chamber didn’t want to see the negative economic impact this could have on our community, so we’re going to create Volksfest 2.0 (Not the official name). 

2020 Dates:  September 12th

Volksfest will take place in the Waupun Community Center across from Tanner Park. 


Volksfest is a one day festival (for now) that locals and visitors can come and enjoy polka music, German food, ice cold German Beer, and other Volksfest traditions.

In order to make this Waupun Tradition last, Waupun Area Chamber of Commerce are looking both business and individual sponsorships. Please see our Sponsorship Opportunities to show your support.


Question about Volksfest: 

or call Casey at 920-948-4384.

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Help your community and support your local economy!




  • Waupun Volksfest gives back to the community

  • Drives out-of town traffic INTO town

  • Support family activities for all generations

  • Provide room tax dollars for future benefits for Waupun

Band Line up for Volksfest 

2020 Dates:  September 12th

 Waupun Community Center across from Tanner Park.


9AM - 9:30AM: Warrior Blaskapelle
10:30AM-12PM:2/5ths Party Band
12PM - 1:30PM:Jerry Schneider Band
1:30PM-3PM:2/5ths Party Band
3PM - 4:30PM:Jerry Schneider Band- Stumpfiddle Contest
4:30PM: Tapping of the Keg
5PM-6:30PM:Goodtime Dutchmen
6:30PM-8PM:New Generation - Polish Polka Band
8PM-9:30PM:Goodtime Dutchmen
9:30PM-11PM:New Generation - Polish Polka Band

Waupun Volksfest Sponsors


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Waupun Volksfest Bands

Warrior Blaskapelle: 

Waupun Senior High School's ethnic ensemble.  The group specializes in playing polkas, waltzes and European marches.  Students meet during the summer to prepare for a performance at the Waupun Volksfest breakfast.  In addition the group also meets during the winter months for a performance at the solo and ensemble festival.  Waupun is one of the few schools in Wisconsin to offer this unique type of performing ensemble.

2/5ths Party Band:

The 2/5ths Party Band is a 3 piece group comprised of members of the Jerry Schneider Band - Dennis Thull on drums, Patti Schoenborn-Kinjerski on keys and vocals and Tom Schnedier doing whatever it is he does. From time to time, you'll see Jerry Schneider make an appearance as well as Mark Krutzik on Tube and keyboard - (That's right, Mark plays piano too - little known fact.) We play many of the songs from the JS Band and we are adding songs all the time to give our show a little kick. We love playing German polkas and we're expanding our tune selection to include country tunes by Willie Nelson, Patsy Cline, Hank Williams, Bob Gibson and more. We'd love to see you at one of our shows and hope you join us at this years Volksfest!! 

The Jerry Schneider Band:

The Jerry Schneider Band was formed in June of 1967. The year 2020 marked 53 years of providing polka, waltz and big band entertainment by the Jerry Schneider Band. The band has a large library of German selections as well as some Czech polka and waltzes. Most of the tunes are sung in one, two and three harmony plus many instrumentals. The Jerry Schneider Band performs with four to five musicians with a comination of trumpets, saxophones, clarinet, button accordions, keyboard, drums and tuba The band plays for many summer picnics, county fairs, polka festivals and German Fests in Wisconsin and surrounding States in the well known Milwaukee German Fest at the Lake Front in July of each year. And Waupun Volksfest ;)

Goodtime Dutchmen:

Young Musicians continuing the polka tradition is what the Goodtime Dutchmen are all about. They are a family band that started in 1992 and grew up in polka loving family. Their Grandpa Bill started it all out when he was young boy and through the generations the polka fever continued. Besides playing each year at some the best polka fest and German fests around the states of Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, and Michigan, they also play for many firemen picnics and private parties. IN 2002 & 2014 they won the Band of the Year Award from the Wisconsin Polka Hall of Fame, plus many other personal awards. We are so thankful for the many years of support and the wonderful people we have met and the everlasting friendships and memories. Thanks to the Waupun Volksfest Committee for having us at their festival. Enjoy!

New Generation Band:

Members of the Maroszek family have played polka music for many years in the Pulaski area. Their love of the music has passed down from generations, and this year three popular bands playing at Polka Days had Maroszek family members; The Maroszek Bros, New Generation, and The Natural Talent, known as TNT.
The Maroszek Brothers band consists of six members. Four of the members are Maroszek brothers, Frank, Scott, Gene, and Al. Other members of the band include Bruce Brzeczkowski, nephew and John Wudtke, family friend.
The band originally started back in 1971 as a two piece band, and gradually more family members joined as they went along.

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