Waupun Area Chamber of Commerce Mission Statement

The Waupun Area Chamber of Commerce is the visionary leader for Waupun and the surrounding area, focusing on strengthening business and cultivating community prosperity and development.

Waupun Area Chamber of Commerce Vision Statement

Business leaders cultivating a vibrant, prosperous community where people of all ages seek to live, work and play.

2019 Board Meeting Minutes

Upcoming Board Meetings

The Board of Directors meets the second Tuesday of each month at 8 AM at Council Chamber in Waupun City Hall.

2020 Scheduled Board Meeting:

Jan. 14th: 8am-9am

ANNUAL MEETING: Feb. 6th: 5:30PM

Feb. 11th: 8am-9am

Mar. 10th: 7:30am-9am

Apr. 14th: 8am-9am

May 12th: 8am-9am

Jun. 9th: 8am-9am

Jul. 14th: 8am-9am

Aug. 11th: 8am-9am

Sep. 8th: 8am-9am

Oct. 13th: 8am-9am

Nov. 10th: 8am-9am

Dec. 8th: 8am-9am

2020 Board Meeting Agendas

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