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Shop Local and Be Rewarded

Brave the Barrels is a Waupun Area Chamber organized event to help locally owned business have continued foot traffic throughout the dreaded construction season. Here's how it works!

1.Stop at one of participating business during business hours and make a purchase

   --> Brooks Shoes & Repair - 318 E. Main St.

   --> Our Bar - 433 E. Main Street

   --> House of Handcrafters- 11 N. Madison St.

   --> The Clothing Pallet -18 N. Madison St.

   --> Fox Computer & Networking -17 N. Madison St.

   --> Reiki Essential & Wellness - 2 S. Madison St.

   --> Green Collar Grooming - 23 S. Madison St.

   --> Warzala Rustic Design - 431 E. Main St.

   --> Q- Tronic / Steren Electronics - 313 E. Main St.

   --> Weaving it up to you - 307 E. Main St.

   --> Gysbers Jewelry - 305 E. Main St.

   --> K's Boutique - 317 E. Main St.

   --> Waupun Senior Center - 301 E. Main St.

   --> Jud's Bowling Alley - 416 E. Main St.

   --> Mateo's Cafe and Restaurant - 435 E. Main St.

   --> Waupun Historical Society - 22 S. Madison St.

   --> Creations from the Heart - 425 E. Main St. 

2. 1 purchase =  1 punch; 10 punches = FULL

3. Hand in FULL and completed punch card in drop box at the Chamber office at 201 E. Main Street (inside City Hall) for your chance to win a $100, $50, or $25 gift certificates! 

**NO limit to the number of punch cards individuals can complete and turn in**

The first round of punch cards must be turned in on or before July 19th.

Winners for first round will be drawn on MONDAY, JULY 22nd, 2019.

Second round of punch cards must be turned in on or before November 22nd. 

Winners for the second round will be drawn MONDAY, NOVEMBER 25th.

Green Collar Grooming 

The Clothing Pallet

Brooks Shoes & Repair

Senior Center

House of Handcrafters


Steren Electronics

Fox Computer

& Networking

K's Boutique

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