City of Sculpture

Dawn of Day
"Dawn of Day", was Shaler's third gift to the City of Waupun, but was his first life-size statute which he created himself. The 600 pound creation is displayed on the corner of the City Hall lawn, located on Main Street in Waupun. The sculpture was presented on September 13, 1931. Photo by Kevin Jansma
Doe and Fawn
A favorite location of Mr. Shaler's was the Rock River Country Club. The life-size "Doe and Fawn" were sculpted by Clarence Shaler in his Pasadena, CA studion. The sculpture was placed on June 9, 1933. Photo by Gary Scheer
Morning of Life
"Morning of Life" is placed in the Union Cemetery in Mackford Prairie township. The site is approximately 12 miles northwest of Waupun & well worth the short drive to see this beautiful life-like sculpture. "Morning of Life" is Mr. Shaler's memorial to his twin sister, Clara, who died in 1878 at age 18. The sculpture was unveiled on August 30, 1936. Photo by Gary Scheer
The Citadel
"The Citadel" is placed in front of the Waupun Museum on South Madison Street. Photo by Gary Scheer.
End of the Trail
The most recognizable of the Waupun sculpture collection, "End of the Trail", was first viewed by Clarence Shaler at the 1915 Panama Pacific International Exposition in San Francisco. Clarence Shaler later commissioned James Earle Fraser to cast the sculpture in bronze. The statue was placed in Shaler Park on a mound next to the mill pond. The formal unveiling took place June 23, 1929. The statue was named a registered Wisconsin landmark in 1975, and is listed on the National Register of Historic Sites. Photo by Gary Scheer
Who Sows Believes in God
The 12-foot figure of a pioneer woman, was completed a few years before Mr. Shaler's death. This statue represents a young peasant woman who stands, looking off into the distant gathering clouds. Shaler initially gave it to the University of Wisconsin. Instead of displaying the gift, it was placed in storage for 30 years. Eventually she found a home on the university's Arlington Experimental Farm, on a knob of prairie land untouched by plow and kept as close to its natural state as when white men first roamed that land. Photo by Gary Scheer
The Pioneers
Mr. Shaler's fifth gift to the City was dedicated on October 20, 1940. "The Pioneers", sculpted by Shaler in CA, consists of three figures. After considering five Waupun sites, Professor Aust & Mr. Shaler selected Wilcox Park. Photo by Gary Scheer
Recording Angel
Lorado Taft completed "Recording Angel" at the request of his friend, Clarence Shaler. The sculpture is placed at the head of Clarence Shaler's wife, Blanche's, grave. It was placed in Forest Mound Cemetery on October 11, 1923. Photo by Gary Scheer

"Shaler never sold any of his statues. He said that his payment was the happiness he experienced when creating them -- the greatest happiness he had ever known. He also credited his work as being responsible for the good health he enjoyed toward the end of his life after having been a semi-invalid most of his adult life.

He was often asked why he waited so long to begin his work as a sculptor. His response was that he devoted his early and middle years to an occupation which would ensure his ability to earn a living and support his family. Only then could he occupy his time creating beautiful pieces of art in the medium he had loved all his life." (A Very Large Wizard of Oz by June Kelly). You can purchase a copy of Ms. Kelly's book for $5.00 from the Waupun Chamber of Commerce.

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